Am I liable to pay property tax on house that does not give income?

My house property does not generate any income. Am I still liable to pay house property tax with respect to that property?...

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Accountant filed wrong ER-3 what action can I take.

Dear sir, We are registered with Central Excise Dept. In the F.Y. 2016-17 we are availing SSI exemption and not charging excise duty on Invoices and a...

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What are long term and short term capital assets?

What do we mean by long term and short term capital assets?...

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Can interest benefit be claimed for rented property without any rent

"I have a home loan on property that i have rented out and was claiming the interest benefit under section 24 of income tax act. but from the last 1 y...

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Non payment of Service tax since 2013

I have not paid service tax since the year 2013 due to severe financial problems. I am in heavy debts along with my company. For the past few months m...

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Is House tax on open plot u/s 63(2) NDMC is effective by law

NDMC AFTER DEMOLITION BILLED US u/s 63(2) at capital value by CIRCLE RATE FOR OPEN PLOT AND NOT UNDER NEW BY-LAWS of NDMC effective from 1-4-2009. Wha...

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Partition of HUF

I have 38 years old HUF. All the assets are mutual fund and FDs.The members are myself ,my wife son and daughter.Son and daughter are NRI.I want to di...

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Sole proprietorship in Bangalore

"Hi All, I have accepted an offer from a company based solely in US to work as a sales consultant on commission basis. For mode of payment they have...

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Capital gain tax

"I sold my property for 2 crore and purchased a 21 year old apartment worth 80 Lakhs Which had old mosaic damaged flooring ...etc So I improved the ap...

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clarifications about capital gains on house sale and purchase

I have an old house and another one was bought 2 years back (but not registered yet). If I sell my old house and pay outstanding loan of second house ...

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