How to transfer a property and then dividee among three sons. Can you please assist me with the process?

We have a house in Chennai which is on my grand father-in-law's name. He is no more. It needs to get transferred to my father-in-law name and then div...

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Need one help form you

My father have 7 brothers and 5 sister. My grand father passed away. Mygrand mother not give our property. My father put sign for one afitafit to give...

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property fraud

There is a farmland which was in the joint name of my father and my uncle. I in collusion with my uncle falsely wrote to Lekhpal on a plain paper that...

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Neighbor threatening with self written demolition notice

We have a own house which was constructed 35 years back as per the legal documentation of the property. Our neighbour bought the land 30 years back an...

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Want to buy Agriculture Land

Want to buy an agriculture land in Shimla. What is the land act for outside buyers?...

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mother willing to sell land and divide between sons

Mother owns vacant land. She wants to sell and divide the proceeds equally to her sons.. What is the procedure and advisable legal formalities? What i...

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Plaintiff died family filed application to bring LRs

"Order 22 Rule 3 of CPC Sole Plaintiff died. dispute is regarding house property. His wife and children have filed application to bring LRs of deceas...

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Staying in rented property for 40 yrs flat sold to someone our rights?

Dear Sir, We are based in Vadodara, Gujarat and have been having a rented flat of 400 sq.feet since more than 40 years where my father resides. He has...

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Property among brothers left undivided

Grandparents had passed away without partitioning the property among their 3 sons. Property(site) stood in grand parent's name.Eldest son constructed ...

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Uncle fraudulently forged signature & transferred property to himself

A relative (wife of maternal uncle) has been occupying ancestral property after maternal uncle fraudulently forged signatures of other brothers and si...

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