Showing script to someone before completion of copyright

Hello, I wrote a movie script.and my copyright process is begin.i have my diary no. Also but producer want to see my script now.till I don't have copy...

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Can it be trademark case if work under somewhat similar name?

"We are starting a new online service called '', but there is already an established service called '' which provides a simil...

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Other company logo and name usage on my website

Hi, I am currently working on a coupon website where i will post coupons from multiple brands and for that purpose would need to add there logo and na...

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Got patent process but some else for the benefit from that

I have an innovation under patent process since last 3 years , but yesterday got the news that someone has made the same project(definitely copied fro...

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Clarificatio on protection of content on YouTube

My question is that I see lot of bands and artists are copying and remixing videos and songs of some other company's and posting them on YouTube like ...

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Can I copy and use name and logo of a Canadian company in India

Can i copy and use name and logo of a Canadian company in India, will it be illegal, will they be able to sue me?...

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Someone has copied my blog content

Some one has copied my Blog content and publishing and using for their own interest. He has changed some order as well and font style. How i can file ...

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What is the procedure to share news on news app

I am about to start a news app, in which I will be displaying content from various reputes newspapers, websites. so do need to take permission from th...

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Can I hold a lecture in a memory of someone

Suppose, I wish to start a competition or a lecture series in the memory of a person, a judge who passed away. Am I allowed to do so without anyone's ...

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How to search for trademark logo for its availability ?

Just like for public search for trademark name, where we make search for availabilty for our trademark name, Is there any search engine for logo? How ...

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