Can a company take legal action against any ex-employee

I just want to know if an employee exits company before 7 months and get all the letters like relieving, experience etc. Can company can take any lega...

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Is it legal for school to terminate my services if i am pregnant?

"Can a School terminate my services as a teacher if I am pregnant? I joined a School in the year 2009 on contractual basis ans was given 3 years contr...

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Signed bond for 2 years left early what can I do

I was working in pharmaceutical industry and i have signed 2 years bond. after 10 month i give resignation by mail and immediately i left the company....

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I am being tortured/abused by manager What action can I take

I am being tortured/abused by manager in the company I am working for. For each and every thing, he is shouting, screaming and he is always trying to ...

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CBSE denied job on compassionate grounds

My father died in 2011 due to cancer .He was Inspector in CBSE department . When I apply for their job then Department denied to give job and says tha...

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Worked on comm. basis in past, now wants salary.

We make payment to a person on commission basis, but now we demand payment on salary basis, we have not made any agreement to that person. but that pe...

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Essential Qualifications for govt jobs

There was avertise ment of job on contract by Delhi govt for a position of Master Trainer Retail Merchandising. but the qualifications mentioned by go...

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Employer shut down its operations without notice what can i do

I am presently employed with 1 of the 5 star resorts in goa in the capacity of mgr for last 7 yrs who has closed down their operation all of a sudden ...

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Suspension not reviewed within 90 days as per CCA Rules 1965

I am working as a professor of Central Govt funded Deemed University with more than 30 years service. I have been suspended with alleged charge of cre...

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Can airlines refuse to refund money if my visa is cancelled?

"How can I travel if my VISA is rejected and why would the airline not refund the money in such a case? I took a package worth 1.75 Lakhs for 2 people...

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