Can I bet with

I just want to know if I can bet from India using Is it a punishable offense if caught?...

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My friend using fake fb account how can he save himself

Hi Sir, one of my Frd involved in Vulgar activity with one girl by fake Facebook account. If she put a case against him then what action cyber crime w...

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Defamation on social media by husband - what can be done

My husband living abroad is defaming me on social media by giving false testimonies to socialists/activists and my name and my parents name is all ove...

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What action can I take for vulgar posts on social media

If someone posts vulgar writing with girls photos what legal action can be taken by a citizen and where to file a complaint. What is provision under I...

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What to do if personal video gets viral without knowledge of person

When somebody's personal intimate video gets viral without knowledge of that person then how to stop this?and when video gets viral then that person c...

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Defamatory statement on facebook what action can I take

Hi three colleagues had passed Facebook remarks against me. I had them removed but have taken a print screen. What legal action can i take against the...

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Can i file a case if someone has hacked my whatsapp?

I was working for a company. i had some issues with them. they filed a complaint and later i was called by police. for that issue i wrote an apology l...

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What action can I take against husband for wrongful use of power.

Hi husband is taking the help of cyber cops to extract my WhatsApp chats with a friend. Can any criminal action be taken against him or the cop ...

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what should i do if my Facebook account is hacked

Sir/madam, My facebook account has been haked on 14th July 10:46pm I have lauded a general diary on my local police station. What should be the next s...

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Boyfriend posted a nude pic w/o consent. How to gather evidence in it?

My boyfriend had recently posted nude pics on a particular website without my consent. When I learn of it, I filed an FIR with the police and asked fo...

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