What to do since police not returning license even after paying fine?

What to do since police not returning license even after paying fine?...

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Village prople are harassing me for no reason what action can I take

I want to ask about harassment. Some people from my village harassing me. They always comment on me whenever they saw me at public place or anywhere. ...

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HC ordered bail and suspension of sentence what does it mean ?

Once high court orders to bail in criminal case till final disposal of appeal.by second order high court order of stay/suspension of sentence and not ...

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My nephew is being abused by his mother. what legal action can we take

Abuse of my nephew since he was born by his mother and continued until to day at his age of 30 years. My nephew's( Victim) mother is assisted by my an...

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Drugged,raped,blackmailed ,threat to kill,promise to marry

A married man siphoned money , drugged my sister,molested and raped her,blackmailed her of making photo's public and threaten to kill her,when the fam...

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How can I quash 498A case

Married on 10th January 2016 (Religion-Christian). filled 498A Against husband and MIL.on March 08 2016. Husband and MIL got bail on April 05 2016. No...

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Friend entangled in non bailable case what can be done

One of my friend works in sbi and he got involved in a case which is non bailable.someone took a huge amount of money from his id without his concern ...

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Can i get admission in govt. university after FIR?

Few years ago a FIR was lodged against me and the case is still pending in the court. I am a student. Is it possible that i can get admission in gover...

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Complaint against a person no action by police what action can I take

Hi, My mom, me and my wife is getting harassed by a person over phone and messages. We filed a complaint against him in the police station but they ga...

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If wife can file false dowry case?

Can my wife file complaint against me and my family for false dowry?...

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