Secretarial Compliances

Secretarial Compliances

Secretarial Compliances

Looking for legal advice and support on secretarial compliances services and get your secretarial compliances questions resolved.

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Annual Compliances for PVT

In order to Manage the day to day operations of a business along with complying with corporate laws, it is essential to understand such legal req...

Annual Filings for LLPs

LLPs in India must file their Annual Return within 60 days from the end of the close of the financial year and Statement of Account & Solvency wi...

Increase in Authorised Capital

We can help you with increase in authorised capital services with short tunr-around times.

Due Diligence of Company

The process of due diligence is one in which the buyer aims to confirm the accuracy of the seller’s claims. A potential M&A deal involves sever...

Secretarial Audit Package for Companies

Under The Companies’ Act, 2013, a secretarial audit is done to check various compliance and other applicable laws on the company. The secretarial au...

Proposal for RBI Compounding Application

“Compounding” refers to “Settling a matter by a money payment, instead of any other liability.” It describes the concept of compounding a...